Water the very essence of life is now becoming scarcer than ever. This is all because our rivers are drying up. India was a land of many rivers but is now facing depletion. Who is to blame? Unfortunately, we are the ones. While we may not have a direct hand in causing this problem we haven’t done anything to stop is either. This makes us indirectly at fault. However, now is not the time to play the blame game, it is time to start doing our part in creating awareness about the critical state of our rivers.

The concern for water scarcity due to the dying rivers needs awareness. It is essential to get this message across to the youth of India. Music is the language of the youth and we felt this is the right channel of communication.As Rally for Rivers volunteers, the VJN Studios Team has come up with this upbeat music video. A Rap Song which the young people of India can relate to. It provides insight to the plight of our rivers, the consequences thereof and what can be done to stop this from precipitating.

From time immemorial civilizations thrived on river banks. Today we have moved away from near the rivers and built cities, but does that mean we no longer need the rivers. We just worked out a way in which to bring the river water to where we are using an advanced pipeline system. This enables us to have water in our taps. With no water in our rivers, our taps will run dry too!

The month of October 2017 is dedicated to conducting a nationwide campaign to create awareness about our drying rivers. Our endeavor is to facilitate the spreading of this awareness campaign, especially among the youth. The youth are the most empowered and the future of this country.

As an Indian citizen, it is our moral duty towards our country to do our part in the Rally for Rivers. For some of us, the most we can do is give a missed call on 80009 80009. This just shows that we pledge our support even if there is no other way in which we can help.
We are killing our rivers with deforestation. Vast expanses of land have been cleared to accommodate the development of highways and housing projects. Soon we will find ourselves living in a desert if we do not do anything to stop it today.